We have following facilities to our employees,

  1. Flexible timing with constant working hours.
  2. Progress meetings.
  3. Roller board review meetings
  4. Implimenting high HSE motive.
  5. Monthly training plans.
  6. Yearly gathering with family members.
  7. Mentoring.























Our team

Our Team:

Our team comprises of our associates in various fields who has worked with us in the past. Mainly with integrated network of associates we can develope good buisiness and can solve the various technical problems. While quoting for various jobs we are including the associate's fees based on hourly rate or as per actual quotation recieved from the Associate. However we always keeps all the cost crystal clear to our client. We have general monthly meeting of All the associates. 

We have dadicated team of Senior Civil and Structural engineers (2 Nos), engineers (2 Nos), drafting co-ordinator (1 No) and designers (3 Nos). We are submitting detailed proffessional profile of all our team while submitting our quotations.

We have addtional associates Civil, structural engineering design and drafting teams in Pune and Mumbai to support us to offload our workload in case of peaks. Refer the organisation chart below.

We have dadicated office in heart of Pune city and support office in Kondhva Pune.

  Our Organisation Chart: