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Government Oil and gas company in Middle east-Iraq.                  Year 2013 - 2014

Inspection, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Marine and storage terminal project- loading unloading Jetty and Service jetty  

Assessing capacity of service jetty for change from 500DWT to 6000DWT and suggesting required strengthening. Re-assessment of main jetty for Butane, LPG loading unloading and required dredging, PSI analysis of supporting piles, ship impact SEASTATE analysis, FATUGUE, Collapse analysis using SACS.

Site visit to understand the site, to maximize the data collection and to carry out non-intrusive preliminary inspections of the facilities. Preliminary Site Inspection of Marine and storage terminal, study of documentation and drawings, to take a readable general pictures of the Structures. The Aim of inspection is to detect obvious missing structural components major damage or deterioration due to overstress, severe corrosion, concrete cracks, spalling of reinforcement, condition of grout and concrete protection coating etc. Following onshore structures are involved like Buildings, Steel Shelters for Equipment, Equipment foundations, Pipe sleepers, Pipe supports, Road, paving and grading, Equipment supporting platforms and ladders, Cross overs, Pits, and culverts.

The scope of work includes daily report, check lists, Interviews with operations and maintenance staff with help of questionnaires, documents collection, Temporary Facilities safe area identification including. Existing buildings, Preparation of Pre-Inspection Reports, Pre-Inspection Recommendations and decision report. Establish repair strategy or further Non-intrusive inspection requirements. Vendor involvement if any. Specification for NDT inspection. Study of NDT outcomes. Repair - design calculation based on existing strength of the structures. Drawings for repair. MTO for repair work.

Storage terminal includes Butane, Propane, Gasoline storage tanks, Pressure Spheres, Pipe sleepers, Refrigeration system, Transfer system and utilities

Man-hour estimate, change deviation management, manpower allocation, HSE compilation including detection of gas leak areas, General HSE and quality compliance.

Government fertilizer company in Middle east-Iraq.

Fertilizer plant revamping.

Soil investigation Report analysis, Capacity calculation for Franki Piles and Bored cast-in-situ Pile. Retrofitting of various equipment foundations and structures like Reformers, Reactors, Pipe-racks, Heat exchangers, pumps. Transportation and lifting damages identification of equipment and modular units and repairing.  

Government Petroleum Refining company Kuwait.

Cryogenic storage tanks.

Design and engineering of cryogenic storage tank with double wall system and allied utilities.

Private limited company in Bolivia South America.

Modular skids fabricated in UAE and shipped to Bolivia.

Skid design for various loads like in situ condition, lifting and transportation condition.

Government Oil and gas company in Middle east-Iraq.

Compressor foundation on precast driven pile foundation.

Huge compressor located on pile cap supported on Precast concrete driven pile foundation, check for natural frequency, amplitude.

Private limited company in UAE.

Black and white oil storage tank farm, pipe rack extension project.

Design and engineering for tank farm for 45 to 60m diameter and 25m high tank on earthen bund foundation on improved soil, Pipe crossing culvert, 80mx80m manifold pit with loading unloading pump foundations, pipe supports, sleepers, oil heating package, Fire water Pump house and pumps, Process extension pipe rack, pipe bridges on bored cast in situ foundations.

Government Petroleum Refining company Kuwait.

Grass-Root refinery 0.615 million   barrel/day Oil

Review, comment, monitor engineering design, Schedules, and specifications prepared by the contractor. AGS-Air generation Unit, AGU-Acid generation unit, ARU-Amine recovery Unit, ATF-Aviation Turbine Fuel Merox, ATF HDT- Hydro-treater, CCR, CDU, DCU, Desal/Demin, DHDT, ETP, FCCU, GMU, HMU, NCU, NHT, PRU, SGU, SRU, SS&H, SWS, UGS, VBS, VDU, VGO HDT unit of grass root refinery.

Government Petroleum Refining company.

Marine platform Project.

Design of Berth 31-32, Oil Loading platform  25m deep sea revamping , wind, wave, current, boat impact loads, Installation of 35m High tower crane for handling Loading Arms located on existing Marine Structure. Problem was very high stresses in existing batter piles.  

Private refinery in California USA.

Refinery Project.

Design of foundation & access structure for 27m high 4 to 6 m Dia. Reactors located in high seismic zone. The main aspect of design to limit the deflection of access structure. Bracing was allowed in only one direction.  

Polymer production company Kuwait.

FRP U/G Pipeline Project.

42” FRP line 3.5 Km, 2.2MW Booster pumps, valve Support for supply of water to Seawater Cooling Tower.

Government Petroleum gathering company Kuwait.

Oil gathering area Project.

Chemical injection, corrosion control, scale monitoring, and chemical storage in onshore oil gathering centers and oil fields.

Government Petroleum gathering company Kuwait.

Oil gathering area Project.

Design of rebuilding and revamping of existing facilities, in onshore oil fields.

Government Petroleum Refining company. Kuwait.

Refinery Revamp Project.

FEED for Ethane recovery, Clean Fuel, Including Flare stack 110m.  

Reliance/ Indorama Synthetics

Polymer & Polyester Plant

Design of  Process Plant, Spinning, baling And storage Units And Pipe racks.

Reliance/ Bharat Shell Ltd

Petrochemical  Complex.

Design for  Extension to Oil & Lube Process & Storage plant and Reactors. 

L & T for Oil & Natural Gas Corp

Offshore fixed platform project.

Design for  4 to12 wellhead fixed platforms, Jacket, Topside, and utilities like Water, power, accommodations.

Aker Kvaerner Oil Product Oslo

Offshore bridge platform project.

3 Nos. bridge connecting the wellheads of @240m span and with drilling rigs, process deck and utility deck. 

HLL, RM, VVF Chemicals

Soap NSD plants

Soap plants of 40m height on pile/open foundations, belt conveyers, Screens.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited,

Cryogenic storage complex.

15 to 55m tall Reactors, Exchanger & Pipe-racks, pile/open foundations designs and BOQ.

Sanjana Cryogenic Storage Ltd

Cryogenic storage complex.

450m Dia. 27 m high Ammonia Storage tank and Utilities.   

Qatar/Saudi Arabia fertilizers.

Fertilizer plants.

PDMS Fertilizer Process, conveyance & Storage. 

Chemplast/Sanmar Kanoria Ltd

Caustic Chlorine plants

Caustic cells racks, Relocation of Poly-aluminum chloride Plant.

Reliance Industries Ltd

Refinery Reactor installation.

4500MT Reactor on pile foundation, transportation analysis. Pipe-racks. 

Indian Petroleum Corp Limited

Oil & Petrochem.

Petroleum Storage and Distribution, Oil & Lube Process Plant. 

Kandla & JNPT Port Authority

Offshore Ports

Timber Jetty, Pipe supports/racks, underwater concreting.     

Videocon, Daewoo, Escorts


Heavy industrial sheds, belt conveyers, Screeds.

Wheels HLL VVF Limited

Soap/NSD Plants

Soap plants 27m high pile/open foundations, conveyers, screeds. 

Haffkins Institute


Insulation requirements, Pharmaceutical process & storage plant .

Bharat Shell  Limited

Oil & Petrochem.

Petroleum Storage and Distribution Plant.

Bharat Forge limited

Steel plant

Furnace, Process & storage Press foundation. 

Tamilnadu Electricity Board

Hydro Power plant.

Turbine, Generator fdn, Draft tube, site works.

State Govt Maharashtra

Lift Irrigation project

Pump houses for 15m high VT pumps, 1-2.5m Dia penstocks

State Govt Maharashtra

High Voltage Line transmission.

Transmission towers of simple suspension, Road/Railway crossing, dead end, and Angle type.

State Govt Maharashtra

Public works

Public Buildings , Commercial Complex, Hospitals, Re-habilitation.

State Govt Maharashtra

Roads highways

Design of Expressway Road & Bridges of 30 to 50 m spans.

IUCAA Pune (India)

Telescope Dome project.

Design of rotating dome and utilities for Astrology & Astrophysics Centre.


Automobiles plant

Automatic assembly lines. 30-50 m Portal sheds.


  General buildings Public  Public-Special Industrial General Industrial Chemical Oil  &Gas Onshore  Oil & Gas Offshore Oil & Gas Refining TOTAL
Part Time 2 - - 1 - - - - 3
Junior  0 0 0 0.5 0 0 0 0 0.5
Assisting 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.75 - 0.5 0.5 3.25
Leading 0 0 1.5 0.5 0.75 3.5 4 4 14.25
TOTAL 2 0.5 2 2.5 1.5 3.5 4.5 4.5


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