Areas of work

  • Steelwork design and detailing.
  • Concrete design and detailing.
  • Connection design and detailing.
  • Underground drainage design.
  • Soil investigation report study.
  • Interface management.
  • Engineering management.
  • Engineering specifications.
  • Technical bid evaluation.
  • Vendor management.
  • Support to construction phase.
  • Support for design review.
  • Site support and site visits.
  • data collection and examination.






Welcome to my website!

You will be definitely benefited by visiting our website as we are delivering for the every needs of market and customer in following way,

  • Continuous attachement to high quality of work,

  • Strict adharance to project schedules and fulfilling client's every requirements,

  • investigating every aspect of various interfaces and implimenting them the in the design,

  • Achieving zero error mark is our goal.

  • Continual improvement programme with respect to technical, management and operation activites.

  • Successful job closeouts with lesion learnt, document archival activities.

We are strongly intergrated team of professionals in Civil, Structural engineering design and drafting. Our credit is our strong exposure to our fields. We have reached such a milestone  where we are having growing appetite to work in oil and gas and technological projects where complicated interface with process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, HSE and similar disciplines is involved.


"Take the best that exists and make it better. If it does not exist, design it."

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